Gas Industrial/ QA Testing

Pulse Discharge Detector (PDD)

  • Trace N2 & Ar in UHP Gases

Reducing compound photometer (RCP)

  • Trace H2 & Co in UHP Gases
  • Co in atmospheric research
  • H2 in groundwater and sediment studies
  • C2H4 in air

Flame Ionization Detector (FID)

  • Trace CH4, CO2, NMHC (non-methane hydrocarbon) in UHP Gases
  • CH4 production in bio-reactors
  • Atmospheric CH4 analysis

TGA 3000 – Ion mobility spectrometer

  • Trace O2 and/or H2O UHP Gases
  • PPT sensitivity
  • No maintenance/calibration required

Gas Purifiers and Particle Filters

  • Ultra High Purity Gas Purification
  • Particle Filtration
  • Point-of-Use and High Capacity options
  • Re-generable

Gas Flow Calibrators

  • Proven, Liquid-free, Primary Positive Displacement Gas Flow Measurement Technology
  • Accurate And Reliable Gas Flow Readings Independent Of Gas Species
  • Corrosive and Combustible Gas Compatibility
  • Free DryCal Pro Software Downloadable Online

Oxygen Analyzers

  • High Purity (ppb & %) Process Oxygen
  • Portable and Process (ppm & %) Oxygen
  • Oxygen Transmitters
  • Galvanic Sensor Technology
  • Replacement Oxygen Sensors

Multigas analyzer using IR, PID, MOS, EC, TFP

  • Personal detector
  • Portable and online analyzer
  • Fast response time and Long Sensor Life

Uses NDIR (non-Dispersive infrared) –

Specialized in Flue gases measurement:

  • For: CO/CO2/CH4/C3H8/N20, Others
  • 0-50 ppm up to 100% of range

Specific Vapor Analyzer

  • Single beam infrared spectrophotometer for measuring specific gas.
  • CO2, Acetone, IPA, R-114, R134A, SF6 …
  • Leak detection around process equipment
  • Fume hood testing and tracer gas studies
  • Anesthesia and refrigerant gas leak detection