Semiconductor Application

Mask Total Solution Provider for Lithography

  • Reticle SMIF Pod
  • Mask Package
  • Haze Prevention Equipment
  • Professional Cleaning
  • Service

K Patents Semicon Refractometer

  • Provides accurate, reliable, real-time measurement
    for many critical semiconductor wet chemicals
  • Bulk chemical and in-tool monitoring
  • Consists of optical refractometer for real-time refractive index
    i.e. liquid concentration monitoring
  • Typical Applications: Water in EKC265; H2O2 in CMP Slurry, etc

Ozone Generators, Analyzers, Monitors and Control Systems

  • High Purity Ozone Generator
  • Ozone Monitoring
  • Ambient/ Safety Ozone Monitor
  • Ozone Controller Instrumentation
  • Total Ozone Delivery Systems

Surface Particle Inspection & Vacuum Component

  • Portable, Handheld Contamination Inspection Light
  • Vacuum Components

Aqueous or Solvent Waste Collection

  • CS-245A / CS-245S

Wet Chemistry and Wafer Temperature Monitoring

  • In-line, Multi-channel Wet Process Analysis System
  • Non-contact Real-time Monitoring Of Chemical Composition
  • In-situ Wafer Temperature Monitoring