Quest Technology’s continual pursuit of service excellence is manifested through our persevering commitment to offer the most cost-effective solution for each and every project undertaken.

No problem is viewed as simple and no solution is viewed as optimum until our dedicated project teams are satisfied that all feasible options have been considered and that our customers’ Critical requirements are met.

Types of Cleanroom Design and Build Projects:

  • Industrial Cleanroom up to Fed Std 209E / ISO 14644-1 Class 1 Level
  • Bio-Cleanroom including Operating Theatre Suite and Biohazard Room up to BSL3

in our cleanroom system design and build projects, our scope covers the following services:

  • Airconditioning and ventilation system
  • Clean air filtration system
  • Supply and exhaust air system
  • Ultrapure water system / waste water treatment system
  • Process utility system
  • Building enclosure system including wall panelling, ceiling grid, raised floor and associated works
  • Electrical lighting and power distribution system
  • Airborne molecular contamination control system

Our competitive advantages lie in:

  • Design and build competency gained from over 27 years of valuable experience
  • Professional project management and co-ordination capabilities for fast-tracked, on-time delivery of integrated and multi-services projects

Diverse industry experience and customer base:

  • Semi-conductor
  • Life Science
  • Healthcare
  • Government institutions
  • Food Processing
  • Microelectronics
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Data Storage
  • Clean, Renewable Energy